Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our Jesus Tree

I have had this idea for a few years now and never got it up and running until this year. My kids loved it so much, I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I have always thought that having a Jesus themed Christmas tree would be cool. A way to help us really focus on the true meaning of Christmas. So this year we put it all together and it has been such a wonderful way to teach my children about the Savior and to have the spirit in our home. 
 I bought a 4 ft tree and semi decorated it with white lights and some ribbon. I am hoping that if we ever get a bigger house, this will be a more elegant tree. But for now, it works great. I couldn't find a star that I liked for the top of the tree, so this year it just got a big bow. 
I got ornaments that have the different names for Jesus Christ and then bought correlating pictures to go with each name. For the last couple of weeks, my kids have taken turns picking a name ornament and a picture and they got to hang them on the tree. We would discuss the name and why it was important and why Jesus has that name. 
 My kids have said multiple times this month how much they have loved doing this and that it is their new favorite tradition. It really has been a wonderful addition to our Christmas season.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is Anyone There?

It has been so long since I posted anything on my little blog. Every now and then someone will ask if something I have done or made is on my blog and I think, "Oh yeah!" I had a cute little blog once upon a time." My life is crazier than ever, but the desire to share what I know and love has never gone away. Social media has changed so much in the last year it seems. Do people still follow blogs with instagram and snapchat around?  I don't even know. If anyone still checks my blog or would like to see any new posts, I would love a comment! I might just be inspired to start things up again just for you;)