Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mommy Guilt

This little blog of mine has given me some grief the past couple of months. After my last baby was born, I had a hard time getting back into blogging. I just didn't have the same excitement for it like I used to. Then last October, I felt really strongly that I needed to start doing it again and use this blog not only for recipes, but for sharing other things that I love-the gospel, family traditions, motherhood, etc. I was all ready to make this blog a big deal and then after a few weeks I kind of lost the momentum. I didn't think anyone even looked at this blog, so why was I going to spend my time posting things if no one even saw them?

Recently, I have been getting that feeling to start blogging again. I keep putting that feeling off. There have been so many articles circulating Facebook lately about moms and the different kind of moms out there.  I have had a hard time as I have read all of these articles because I don't understand why we have to treat ourselves so harshly as mothers. We are not all the same. We are not supposed to be the same. Why are we complaining about the holiday moms, or party moms, or whatever moms, just because we are not that mom? We need to support each other as moms, not rip each other apart.  

I am an Over-the-Top mom. And I love that that is who I am. I like big birthday parties (while the kids are little), I like to make my food green for St. Patrick's Day. I love that my kids like to have earth pancakes on Earth Day and that we eat red, white and blue pasta on Flag Day. Not all moms are like me though, and that is ok! But that also doesn't mean I am doing anything wrong because my way of celebrating or decorating or playing with my kids is different than yours. I don't blog or post things that I do on social media to be "in your face" with our activities or traditions. I post things for my kids and I post things for others who might find them beneficial. I love jumping online and finding someones cute idea that I can incorporate into our family fun without having to come up with it myself. That's one reason I love social media. 

I guess my point with all of this is, I didn't want to blog anymore because I am tired of feeling like I should feel guilty for being the mom that I am. But, I have tossed that nonsense out the window and I am going to start up this old blog again. For myself, and for others who find my recipes and ideas enjoyable and helpful.  

Celebrate the mother that you are. Celebrate the mothers around you. Don't feel guilty because your talents and skills are different from others. That's the way it is meant to be. Stop competing with everyone else and focus on your own family and their needs. And don't apologize or feel guilty for who you are as a woman and mother. You are exactly who you were meant to be!!

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