Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Belated Birthdays

This weekend we finally celebrated some family birthdays. My Mom turned 50 in July and the poor lady never had a cake! Sunday night we celebrated Mom's birthday as well as my brother's Danny and Ben. My Mom and Danny happen to love to same dessert-Mock Eclair Cake. These pictures are horrible-I apologize!!
Mock Eclair Cake
my mom
1 box graham crackers
2 small packages instant vanilla pudding
3 1/2 cups cold milk
8 oz Cool Whip

Line a 9x13 pan with graham crackers. Mix pudding and milk; fold in Cool Whip. Spoon 1/2 of pudding onto crackers. Layer crackers on top, then spoon the remaining pudding mixture on the crackers. Add another layer of crackers. Frost with frosting below.
2 tbsp margarine-softened or melted
2 cups powdered sugar
3 tbsp cocoa
milk to thin, enough to spread

Chill 3-4 hours before serving

Ben wanted something with pineapple in it-so I opted for a Pina Colada Cake.
Again-sorry about the bad pictures!

Pina Colada Cake
101 things to do with a cake mix
1 yellow cake mix
1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple, drained
2 (14 oz) cans sweetened condensed milk
8 oz whipped topping
2/3 cup coconut
Prepare cake according to package directions. Mix 1/2 can of pineapple into batter. Bake according to package directions. With a fork, poke holes in warm cake at 1-inch intervals. Pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over cake. Allow cake to cool. Spread whipped topping over cake. Sprinkle with remaining pineapple and coconut.

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